SEO Content Writing

What is SEO?

First of all, reading this article about SEO content writing, some have questions in their mind that what is “SEO" in SEO-content writing? If we elaborate on the word SEO in this, it is search engine optimization, or say it is the operation to optimize the website from a user to find through search engines such as Google easily.


Another question that may arise is, what is “CONTENT" in it? Here in SEO-content writing, it implies the information we get through the web or we can say that life on the web.


The fusion of these two words, “SEO" and “content," aims the search engine traffic. For example, if you search anything on google, what do you get? You get a bunch of stuff about that topic, or we can say that comprehensive information about the thing you have searched. what’s the back story behind that?

How SEO Works?

KEYWORDS in SEO content writing, writers trigger the keyword in it to generate the search engine traffic. They first understand their user’s needs for it and what their user commonly searches when they have a problem so they can have intensified data for it. They analyze this thing, and they set the volume of keywords for it. A keyword can be anything for it; it can be the topic itself or anything based on the analysis process for it.

What is the Keyword Density of SEO Content Writing?

Now, most of the people will question about “what do you mean about they set the volume of keywords in it?" or “how do they set volume in it?" Taking Google as a platform, there is some set density for the keywords according to respective contents for it. For example, if you are writing on a particular fruit such as apple, then the proportion of the “APPLE" word in scope should be 1/10 in it. Again saying it is an example, do not consider real, the keyword, and the volume of a keyword is set through the analysis of the need of the user for it.

And now, coming to another question, how do they set keyword density in it? They repeat those keywords for it, from the above example, taking the keyword as “an apple," they repeat that keyword in the content until they achieve their volume for it. These how it works.

Important of Content Relevancy

Another thing to be measure for it, from the research, google reveals web pages in their search engine based on relevance and authority of page to intensify the user experience for it. Google relevance the web page by analyzing its content based on condition; also, they check that you have used those keywords on the content for it. Google checks authority through the number of links aiming at that page for it.

Seo Friendly Content Increase Engaging Traffic on Website

For this, one thing is to keep in mind that our goal should not only the search engine traffic, yeah it will defiantly have a lot of visitors, but they will return with disappointing for it. We have to engage with the user through it. Brand me is here to provide information through content writing, and that’s the most important thing for it. Another thing to know while content writing is to google penalized those sites which provide copy and low-value information for it, and the rates are probably are so high for it, please take care of that while it.

Types of Seo Content Writing
  1. Product pages – For the SEO content writing, here you have to write a review about the e-retail site's products for it.
  2. Blog posts – For SEO-content writing, here you have to be more engaging than the product pages for it, and it is like an opportunity for authority to be in the game of SEO for it.
  3. Articles – For SEO-content writing, you got to write newspapers like stuff in it.
  4. Lists – For the SEO content writing, It some like article stuff, but more in the list form in it. for example, "10 places you should visit in your life".
  5. Guides – For this, guide writing is to express or give a comprehensive explanation about the things for it.
  6. Videos – For SEO content writing, It is not about writing; it is about giving a live demo about the things for the user in it. It can be more and most engaging than every other item on this list of seo content writing types.

These are just some basics of it. There much more types of SEO content writing – the varieties are endless whenever we talk about it.

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